Elotek Systems welcomes the newly acquired Sentech Measurements’ organization to our Team.
Nevada, Northern
Vic Runyan
888-4ELOTEK (888-435-6835) x 6053
Systems Integration
Complete Test and Measurement solutions from concept design to customer acceptance for mechanical, optical and electrical applications.  Custom, turnkey full-tracking ground stations and integrated telemetry, tracking and control (TT&C) equipment
Embedded Products and Ruggedized Computers
Configurable monitors, rack-mount, panel mount and rack-drawer, 1 to 4 LCD monitors in a rack drawer, with/without a keyboard
Systel delivers rugged compute superiority for where mission meets critical with purpose-built rugged computing solutions for mission-critical applications in austere environments - rackmount and embedded designs
Embedded computing solutions including single board computers, industrial computers, panel PCs, I/O expansion
Enclosures, Racks, Cases and Power Management / Conditioning (UPS, PDUs)
Systems Integration and advanced custom packaging solutions: protective cases for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment including rotomold, FRP, LoadMaster
Ruggedized enclosures and EMI/RFI contaiment solutions
Modular Electronic Racks, Enclosures and Slope Front Consoles, NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 6 and 12 Enclosures, workstations and desks, 19" Electronic Racks to Meet Earthquake, EMI/RFI, FCC, Military (MIL-167, MIL-461, MIL-285, MIL-810 and MIL-901) Tempest (NSA 94-106), EMP and European EMC Requirements
Shock & Vibration Isolation systems (rugged, all-metallic, cable type isolators)
Sine Wave DC-AC Inverters, On-Line UPS Systems, Frequency Converters in the 120 VA to 500+ KVA, EMI Filters, Transformers, PDUs and MBSs
Data Acquisition, Instrumentation and Test
Lab and portable data acquisition systems for aerospace, automotive and general industrial
Specialists in data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication
Data acquisition, power analyzers, test & measurement systems
Reliable measurement of current and high voltage & electrical measurement, transducers, signal conditioners, digital indicators
Data acquisition & control systems, signal conditioning, transient recording, Neff replacement
Matrix switch solutions from DC to 40GHz
Sensors and Transducers
Pressure sensors, pressure transducers and transmitters with the piezoresistive silicon technology
Aerospace and Industrial grade temperature and pressure transducers and transmitters, cryogenic and 810F temperatures, automotive & space-grade electronic options available
Load cells, strain gauge-based force and torque sensors, instruments and complete test systems
Turbine flowmeters, cryogenic flowmeters and related process instrumentation
Force measurement solutions including advanced torque and force transducers, load cells, multi-axis sensors, wireless telemetry, instrumentation and calibration systems
Micro load cell and force sensors, pressure and bubble sensors, ultrasonic flow meters, scales, float switches and liquid level sensors, signal conditioning
Pressure mapping, force measurement & tactile sensors
Telemetry, Recorders, RF, Timing and Video
State-of-the-art aerospace telemetry products for flight test, missile, range safety, launch support and satellite command and control applications.  End-to-End Next Generation Solutions: Data Acquisition (including receivers, bit syncs and best source selectors), Data Transport & Distribution, Telemetry Data Processing & Display, Simulation & Test, as well as Data Recording.  Introduced TMoIP, a correlating best source selector, 4-input diversity combiners and more. The newest tech includes a fully functional Range Modernization solution with options to move to virtual solutions.
Supports full-spectrum data acquisition, management, cyber security and encryption for all Electronic Warfare (EW) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission needs. Secure ruggedized solutions that operate in Land, Maritime, Air, and Space. Tailored hardware solutions excel at capturing, processing, and distributing RF signals, video/imagery, radar, vehicle bus, flight test, telemetry, and other sensor and mission data.  Hardware boasts an open-architecture platform with no proprietary constraints  with an IA hardened Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS while meeting Government cyber security requirements.
Antennas for Telemetry, Datalink, GPS & GNSS, CRPAs, Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya, and Inmarsat and combo antennas.
Designs and manufacturers innovative, world-class solutions for video compression and scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, and Broadcast markets.  Develops standards for compressing, converting, streaming, and exploiting video. Committed to delivering the latest technology in low SWaP-C, MIL-qualified packages. DDV's mission is to continuously improve the delivery of high-quality, low latency, FMV to the warfighter.
(formerly Symmetricom) Cesium and Rubidium standards plus time and frequency references, NTP & GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), bus-level timing boards, SAASM, M-Code and distribution solutions
Microwave antenna products: parabolic grids, solid parabolic & feeds including conscan and monopulse designs, micro-strip arrays, panels, horns, helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas and waveguide arrays - masts and antennas for communication, direction finding, jamming, LPDA, spectrum monitoring and Counter-RCIED
Intelligent RF over fiber Test and Measurement equipment, magnetic and electric field sensors, current probes, baluns and transformers
Telemetry transmitters, receivers, trellis demodulators, diversity combiners, tracking antennas and ACU
Ruggedized camera systems: CMOS, low light & color cameras including HUD, 360 degree, and rear view cameras for DO-160, high G forces, supersonic, extreme temperature & harsh environment applications
Airborne batteries, Boost Guidance and Control Systems, Vehicle Interface Units (VIU), Spacecraft and Module Separation Systems, Payload Sequencers, RF Filters/Couplers
HERLEY Data Acquisition and Telemetry encoders, Encryptors, GPS Solutions, Flight Termination (digital and autonomous), Radar Transponders & Test Sets, Radar Altimeters, IFF Systems