Product List

Our extensive product line includes Telemetry, RF and Timing; Data Acquisition, Recorders, Instrumentation and Test; Embedded Products and Ruggedized Computers; Enclosures, Racks, Cases and Power Conditioning; Sensors and Transducers; and System Integration

Products Manufacturer
Accelerometers Measurement Specialties
Antenna Control Unit (ACU) Raytheon Ktech
Antennas - airborne/flight body Haigh-Farr
Antennas - ground Raytheon Ktech
Avionics bus testing Aim USA
Best Source Selectors Acroamatics, GDP Space
Bit synchronizers Acroamatics, GDP Space
Blade antennas Haigh-Farr
Bubble detection sensors Measurement Specialties
Button antennas Haigh-Farr
Cabinets, Electronic enclosures, racks, workstations Equipto Electronics
Capacitive sensors Micro-Epsilon
Cases ECS Case
Conformal antennas Haigh-Farr
Data acquisition - air Ultra Herley
Data acquisition - ground AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med)
Data acquisition - ground DEWESoft
Data acquisition - ground Pacific Instruments
Data link test set GDP Space
Decommutators Acroamatics, GDP Space
Digital video recorders (DVR)s Elotek Systems
Distribution amplifiers Microsemi (formally Symmetricom)
Distribution amplifiers Universal Switching
Eddy Current sensors Micro-Epsilon
Embedded computers Systel
Fiber characterization and testing EXFO
Flat panel displays Systel
Flight Termination Receivers (FTR) Ultra Herley
Flowmeter Badger Meter
Fluid property sensors Measurement Specialties
Force sensors Measurement Specialties
Frame synchronizers Acroamatics, GDP Space
GPS antennas Haigh-Farr
GPS Receivers Ultra Herley
GPS time and frequency distribution Microsemi (formally Symmetricom)
Humidity sensors Measurement Specialties
Laser sensors Micro-Epsilon
Mass air flow sensors Measurement Specialties
Medical computing stations, Carts, Tablets Onyx
Multicoupler Raytheon Ktech
Multiplexor GDP Space
NEMA boxes Equipto Electronics
Network Server AMPEX
Non-contact sensors Micro-Epsilon
Optical switches Polatis
Panel PCs Onyx
Panel PCs Systel
Photo optic sensors Measurement Specialties
Piezo Measurement Specialties
Position sensors Measurement Specialties
Potentiometers Measurement Specialties
Power conditioning Intellipower
Power distribution (PDU) Eaton
Power distribution (PDU) Marway
Pressure sensors/transducers Measurement Specialties
Pressure sensors/transducers GP:50
Rackmount computers Systel
Radar altimeters Ultra Herley
Range Safety Systems Ultra Herley
Rate and Inertial sensors Measurement Specialties
Receivers - air Quasonix
Receivers - ground SEMCO
Recorders AMPEX
RTDs Measurement Specialties
Scan Converters Delta Digital
Servers Systel
Servers AMPEX
Signal Conditioning AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med)
Signal Conditioning DEWESoft
Signal Conditioning Pacific Instruments
Storage boxes Systel
String pots Measurement Specialties
Switching solutions Polatis
Switching solutions Universal Switching
System Integration Elotek Systems
Telemetry data processors (TDP) Acroamatics, GDP Space
Telemetry simulators SEMCO
Temperature sensors Measurement Specialties
Temperature sensors Micro-Epsilon
Thermistors Measurement Specialties
Thermocouples Measurement Specialties
Thermopiles Measurement Specialties
Time and frequency synchronization Microsemi (formally Symmetricom)
Torque sensors Measurement Specialties
Transmitters - air Quasonix
Transponders Ultra Herley
Ultrasonic sensors Measurement Specialties
Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) Intellipower
Vibration sensors Measurement Specialties
Video compression Delta Digital
Video decoders Delta Digital
Video encoders Delta Digital
Wireless network testors EXFO
Wrap-around antennas Haigh-Farr