Elotek represents a wide range of products and product solutions.

Our extensive product line includes Telemetry, RF and Timing products; Data Acquisition, Recorders, Instrumentation and Test products; Embedded Products and Ruggedized Computers; Enclosures, Racks, Cases and Power Management/Conditioning products; Sensors and Transducers; and System Integration products.

Telemetry, RF and Timing Products

Telemetering, RF and timing products which include bit synchronizers and decommutators; IRIG 106 Chapter 10 solid state recorders; multiplexors and demultiplexors; High Definition, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and H.264 video compression encoders and decoders; PCM simulators, SOQPSK, Multi-H CPM, S, L and C-band transmitters, receivers and antennas (airborne and ground-based); diversity combiners; demodulators; matrix switches; telemetry data processors; best source selectors; Bit Error Rate testers; Telemetry over IP; GPS and IRIG time servers, displays and timing boards.

Data Acquisition, Recorders, Instrumentation and Test

Data acquisition, recorders and signal conditioning products which include IRIG 106 Chapter 10 solid state recorders; PC-based and Ethernet data acquisition systems; Bit Error Rate testers; digital video recorders (DVR); matrix switches.

Embedded Products and Ruggedized Computers

Embedded products and ruggedized computers which include rugged and industrial-hardened computers; ruggedized flat panel displays; VME, PC104, cPCI, PCI and PCI-Express timing boards.

Enclosures, Racks, Cases and Power Management/Conditioning (UPS, PDUs)

Cabinets, enclosures and power distribution units which include19? vertical cabinets, enclosures, and workstations;AC power distribution/control systems and UPS systems.

Sensors and Transducers

Sensors and transducers which measure pressure and force (wet/wet and wet/dry); level; temperature: infrared, RTDs; NTC thermistors and probes; accelerometers; displacement (LVDT & RVDT); encoders; humidity; load cells; strain gages; tilt; piezo; Non-contact; LASER-Optical; eddy current; capacitive; inductive; draw-wire; hermetic feedthrus.

Systems Integration

Systems integration solutions which include fiber-optic transmitters and receivers for video, audio, IRIG and data; customer turnkey full tracking ground stations and integrated telemetry, tracking & control (TT&C) equipment, Test & Measurement solutions from concept design to customer acceptance for mechanical, optical and electrical applications.